iOS Icon Setting?

Which setting sets the icon used in iOS when the user saves the app to the Home Screen?

Settings → App Info

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I changed that. But when I go to share the app again on iOS it shows a totally different icon.

Strange! What image format are you uploading as your app icon?

Here is the App Info. Just picked an image from list.


Here is what shows in iOS:


App icons are aggressively cached. You could try deleting the app, clear your cache, and then add to Home Screen again.

(On your iPhone)
Settings → Safari → Clear History and Website Data

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Deleted the app a 2nd time, and then it worked. Thanks for the help!

Yup same issue has plagued me in the past. For anyone looking in the future try:

  1. Clearing your cache
  2. Replacing your icon on your glide app
  3. Waiting a day for a refresh, deleting the “app” from your homescreen and saving it again
  4. Putting your phone away, going for a walk, questioning why Knight and Knife start with a K and not an N, and going back to step 3.