Refreshing my app icon


I have just replaced my app icon with a custom made icon. It has been a few hours, but the favicon is not yet updated. I tried several browsers and clearing cache etc. The usual workarounds in websites I can’t use in Glide.

How do I get my favicon to display the new app icon?

It is random, just give it hours or even days

I usually don’t expect it to update on its own. I think it gets permanently cached in the browser and in the OS.

What I usually do first is clear the app storage and cache in the app settings, then I uninstall the app, then I go to the browser and clear the cache for my app’s url. After all of that, I go to the app’s url in the browser. At that point it will show me the installation pop-up, and when I install it again, then the favicon is correct.

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I have checked all the settings of the app, but can’t find a way to clear the cache of the app. Or do you mean the browser cache?

I think Jeff did mean the browser cache. Try clearing the cache of the browser you used to install the app (normally Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android).

I meant both on Android and in the Browser. First I go into the android settings → Apps&Notifications → Select my app → Force stop → Open Storage & Cache to clear both → Then uninstall the app. Second, I then go into the browser settings and clear the browser cache for that specific app url.

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Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know we can do this with web apps as well.

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