Pro app - Web Favicon stuck as old version

As you know, you can add a webclip/favicon on proapps. I changed my button image several days ago but it’s still stuck on the web (favicon on the website tab) as the old version. Anyone know how long this sticks or how to fix it?

Hello Deena,
I haven’t tried this but does it show up in a private browser incorrectly or on another device wrong?

I remember early on I had to empty cache for the glide domain (I think). Just some thoughts.

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Yup, it shows in incognito window as the old version as well!

Devices sometimes do that.
Try deleting your cache and cookies, resetting device and even turning it off/on.

woah resetting dont you think that is too deep

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Not on a device…It’s happening with the web favicon, not on the app button (thankfully) - so it’s on the web page view. In an Incognito window, it still happens (no cookies or caching incognito) or is there? I did check on another laptop where I have never been to the app in the browser and it’s correct so I’m not going to worry further. Eventually if it’s a cache issue I suppose it will clear. Thanks!

I mean turn off/on @Glider, sorry about my cheap translation ES/EN, haha.

The issue is the devices’ @Deena, not the app. I’m sure after some time or flushing the cache and closing and reopening the browser, it’ll wrk.

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resetting the device is too far