iOS Camera Issue

My first sales rep tried to load my app today. Using image picker his camera comes on to a black screen. He is using iOS 13.2.3.

My husband and I tested the app using iOS 13.1.3 and the camera is working perfectly fine.

My sales rep can use his camera normally outside of the app. Screenshot attached.
. image

It looks like Apple released some camera bugs with iOS 13.2.3 — we and others see the same issue. For now we believe you can use your app in Chrome or Safari as a workaround, or pick the image from your library.

Thank you. He could select a photo using safari but then could not get back up to the add button to submit the update. I will have him take photos first and select from his photos list for now. Thank you for the information. Bummer that it works so well for us in testing just a version. Below his.

I am facing the same issue. The camera / picture is black.