Camera component has several issues (black screen / no upload)

My app’s URL:

I have a user that wants to post, however the camera-icon doesn’t “activate” / do anything.
Any suggestions? They already closed the app / restarted it.

Mmmm it works for me, when trying to complete the profile. Maybe recreate the component?

At the moment I have about 100 active users in the challenge. Most of them can post no problem.
But this person can’t select the file picker / camera part. It’s greyed out.

Additional I have 3 users reporting they can’t use their camera. It just show a black screen. For some this cleared up after a week. But others are just reporting this experience yesterday. They have to take pics outside the app, then select the file in the uploader.

Closing the app and restarting doesn’t change it. Any suggestions?

Yes, the upload worked on the VPN. But she had to take the picture outside the app.

We had the same issue with iOS (see my topic Image picker problems Image picker problems) It was resolved by updating iOS.
But now we have new camera problems on Android 8.1.0 O11019 phone Redmi 6A
Our client reports that after 1st normal usage camera not opens anymore…

Yeah it’s frustrating.
People “blame” your app when it’s probably something in the OS.