Android Upload Photo Problem

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In our app we have detected a problem in the operation of the image picker field on Android devices.

When pressed to select / take photos, it does not take any action, it is as if the impu does not exist.

Watch video:

In IOS it works correctly.



Seems to be working for me. Maybe a phone restart?

Hi Jeff, thnaks for the quick reply.

But the issue still here. The restart doen´t work.


@carlos_molina thanks for sending the video. I’ve passed this onto our team who will look into it.

Are you on the latest version of Android or Chrome on your device?

Yes, we have them.
Now, it is working well. We don´t know why.

But as you could see in the video, some time it doen´t work.


Sure, thanks for letting us know. Useful to have the video. Glad it is now working.