Invite people, share to participate...what u suggest

Guys, I have an application to help poor people or people in difficult conditions in this pandemic.
Here on this screen, users can get a quota of this bill in order to participate like crowdfunding of this bill. I guess in English pass the hat, maybe.

Here I´d like to get your opinion on what I could do in order to invite friends to participate. Like an email or Whatsapp msg “Hi friend, I’m getting a piece of this bill, come here with me and help” sth like that.

So what would u do? This community has already saved me a lot of time, maybe could give me an idea. I’ll appreciate it.

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Maybe have a “share” button with a link to screen > this item?

Clicking that button would first do a set column to write the deeplink URL to a “post URL” column.

Then on that link to screen, allow the user to type a message in a user specific column. Have a template column that merges the message with the post URL. Then when clicking share it shows sharing menu of that template column?


Thx Bob! Before post I was learning with one more your vídeo about webhook. Thx so much.

I’m gonna try your suggestion. I have to study and test :))))

Great app idea Alexandre!

Another idea - which I’ve done often - is creating your own “share” button with the template column for sending text messages or emails. I’ve found most of the time, people share through those channels the most on mobile.

For creating an SMS link:

  • Create a new ‘template’ or ‘construct URL’ column
  • use the following template: sms:[PHONENUMBER]&body=[MESSAGE]***

***Note on the message: You would need to encode the message

For email:

The process is similar with the template being:

mailto:[EMAIL]?cc=[EMAIL2]&subject=[YOUR MESSAGE]

More details on that here

If you’re interested in something similar for Whatsapp, you could also look into their URL scheme which would work the same way (linking and opening directly in WhatsApp) with a custom message

Hope this gave you some things to consider :slight_smile:


That screenshot looks familiar :wink:

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Yeah! Darren! u and this community are awesome because helped me a lot on this crowdsourcing feature! Thx so much! Btw we’ve already paid over $2k it means people who don’t know each other pay their bills only for light, gas, or water. This is my project.


Great initiative, well done :+1: :clap:

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