Feature Request Wishlist

Hi folks,

We just launched publicly today, and we’ve had some good initial feedback. Our users would like:

  • Social media messaging integrations (send form info / inline list data via messenger, whatsapp, etc)

  • Other payment options / customisable checkout (discounts, codes, buy straight away, applepay, etc)

  • Import contact/phone number from the user’s contacts

If any of the above is possible already, and I’ve missed it, would appreciate a nudge!

Many thanks,


You can share via Whatsapp…
1.- Create an input field, where the user adds the phone number to whom he wants to send the link.
2.- Create a template column, where you call the previous mentioned phone, plus the Whatsapp api link. Something like this:

3.- Use a button component linked to that template column.

4.- When clicked, Whatsapp will open with the pre-defined message.