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If a user shares one of my app’s listings (ie. a specific page, not the app itself) by WhatsApp, this is the message the recipient will receive:

Is there any way to customise this message / make it look better? I would love for the name of the listing/page to be displayed and for the url to be shorter.

This is definitely a deep-linked page given the format

Looks like users are sharing specific pages rather than the app link.

Are they copying link from browser or is there any other way that they share: example link configured in a button?

This is the result of sharing a details screen using Share button and selecting WhatsApp…

Got it. Regardless of whatsapp, this will happen if you share from a details screen using default share button.

Workaround could be to copy link first (using share button), fetch a shortened URL using a url shortener like and then share.

Not sure if anyone has a way to programmatically shorten it or another work around.

The only thing the end token is doing is to take the user (who receives the url) to exactly same details screen that the user shared from.

Not sure how I could program for this link to be shortened?

Definitely check this topic out

Check out this to shorten urls using Zapier: