Custom image and url link with page name


how can I show a custom image and link page name when someone shares a page of my app?

At the moment, when I share a page I get a similar link Seguimi (look at the url)

I got a starter plan and I would like to have something similar actually
Glide or just Glide (look at the urls)

And I would like a custom image for that link: currently, any link shows the centralised App logo image.

The support chat replies this:
You can use the Share Component to customize the image that is shared when someone shares a page of your app. You can also customize the title and description of the page. Learn more about the Share Component here.

It looks like the Share Component doesn’t exist anymore.

Anyone can help me?

Thanks a lot!

Don’t trust the bot for accurate advice. It’s been known to make up non-existent features. There has never been such a thing as a Share Component.

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Ok @Jeff_Hager , thanks for clarifying!

Can you suggest any solution to my question?

Thanks a lot!

Deep links contain a lot of valuable information to tell the app which row in which screen in which list in which tab it needs to navigate to. It’s not just random letters and numbers.

I would search the forum for ‘url shortener’. There are third party services out there that can mask url behind a short url. But it’s not a native solution in Glide. The hard part is building a process to automatically aquire the deep link and build a respective short link. Usually that requires another third party service, such as Make.


Ok, got it, thanks!

And what about the custom image? I would like to show a specific image for each page when someone shares a page in whatsapp, for example…

Any suggestion?


Not aware of that being an option.

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Ok, thanks anyway!

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