Invisible Item

Hello everyone, I’ve been trying for a long time to figure out how to implement such an action?

How to make an invisible product in an inline sheet?
Two managers work for the same company. The company has one email address at which it is registered in the application. Let’s say one manager makes a request for a product, after that another manager of the same company should not see this product, so as not to send a request for the same product again.

Thanks in advance!

Assuming you have a user profiles sheet.

Create a relation using the user’s email to the sheet where you store the requests, let’s call it the “Requests” sheet and match to the email there, tick the multiple match box.

In the “Requests” sheet you should have columns for email of requester and product ID/name.

Then after the relation is setup, in the same profiles sheet, create a joined list column that returns the product ID/name from the relation. Let’s call it “Requested products”.

Go to the product tab, filter by product ID/name is not included in signed-in user’s “Requested products” column.

Thanks for the answer, I’ll try to implement it)

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