Dear all,

Nice to be here. I am interested in making an app for my small organization. This is just for fun and learning. Currently, the only functionality I am interested in is sending the email to them so that they opened it on the app.

Can you point me to the right direction?




So you want to send the link of your app to people in your org?

Hi ThinDinh,

Thanks for response. I think I should elaborate a bit more.
Currently we are sending a newsletter by email. In the email body, we say “Please see attached the newsletter”. The attachment is a word document.
My goal was initially to replace the attachment and make the newsletter in in the body of the email. However, I found Glide and thought it would be nice if I can make an app so that member can read the newsletter on their phone. This would look much nicer.
It would also be nice introduction of building mobile apps as an excercise.



You can also use zapier to create a campaign using MailChimp, and also send it…just an idea. So when you create a post, automatically create a campaign, and then send the campaign to your users (that will be added to the MailChimp list) when you press a button

Hi Pablo_Miguel_Martine ,

That was a quick response. Appreciated!
I know Mailchimp. The reason not to use Mailchimp is that is the bottom of the footer a physical has to be inserted. People are reluctant to do this. Would I be able to circumvent this using your method?



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I haven’t fully tested this method yet, so I can’t really tell you how well it works, however I’ll have a test very soon. I do agree with you that having the newsletter in glide would look so much better, and of course being more convenient. Once I try it, and see how well it works I’ll let you know. It is true that when the zap creates the campaign, you do have to modify it to make it look to your standards, meaning that if you want to, you’d have to add pics, layout, etc. As far as I know, you could only get the main body from glide, so it’d required some extra work other than the zap

Hi Pablo_Miguel_Martine ,


  • “It is true that when the zap creates the campaign, you do have to modify it to make it look to your standards, meaning that if you want to, you’d have to add pics, layout, etc.” => That is not an issue at all. I have been working Mailchimp for quite some years and understand HTML well. Actually, this solution would work fine enough (if it works, of course…)
  • This trial is increasing quite a bit. I think other people might benefit from this. Shall I start a new topic somewhere else? Maybe the work you are about to do has been done already :blush:
  • I was thinking. Maybe I can make a Google sites for every “newsletter”. When the user clicks on a button, Glide will open the website. Would that be an idea?



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Hey Nav, so when I mean that you have to modify it, is just the fact that you have to do it, and its not automacally made. But I guess it’s not a lot of work.
And sure, start the new topic, but you rightly said, probably someone has done a similar zap in the past, there are a lot of wizards in this community :laughing:

If you are looking to send a link to open a specific page in the app, you can read about deep links here.

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Hello Everyone! My name is Grace and I am an inventor. I am new to the app world. My goal is to create an app that I can use for my business. My business will help decrease local crime. I could really use some help and suggestions.


Hola Grace! Welcome to the community.

What kind of features do you want your app to have?

How would it help decrease local crime?

Just a few question in order to be able to help you.

That’s a great idea.

Here’s the link to the template store for you to look for something that can get you started.

If not, there’s a lot of people that are willing to help you achieve this.

Thank you, Santiago! I sure hope so. I am really excited about creating this app. :slightly_smiling_face:


We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to ask.

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