How do you deal with notifications

Hi, I was thinking to create an email list each week highlighting some thing but not sure I can link directly to the app? e.e.g deep link? How do you solve this weh you want retention to go up? Thanks :pray:

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I haven’t done this yet. But I am planning on using Zapier for new customers and Google analytics for page activity tracking. Looking forward to other responses here.

for new users i use zapier to send mails to new rows in my app:logins for normal notifs i also use zapier

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I do the same but when I link to the app the user has to add it to home screen again. Want to link directly within app. Is this possible?

glide does not yet support deeplinking

you want to link to a part of the app or the app itself

I use Integromat with a trigger on “new row” to then send an email or an SMS. For the email I use SMTP and Clicksend for the SMS. I also use Integromat to regularly look for tasks that need a reminder and then again email or SMS. I prefer it over Zapier for its flexibility. I have yet to find out how to link directly to the app (let alone a tab within it) via a URL in the email or SMS. If this is possible then I’d love to know too!


Deep-linking is not yet supported. So you can’t point to a specific place in the app.

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Can you even “point to” the app though? Seems to just open in a browser, rather than launching the PWA?

I think you can’t with apps that have in-app browser.

Just like @V88_Google mentioned, Zapier + email or text.
Actually, I did a super simple tutorial for setting those notifications up.

It’s here:, 3rd lesson.


What is in-app browser?

Can I point to the app at all? No need for specific place just the home page of the app

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My question too. I don’t think so, unless anybody knows different?

Some information here: