Generating a newsletter digest from Glide inputs

How awesome it would be, uh? Is it only possible ?

What content do you want to have for this? I would like something like this too.


curated newsletter you can send weekly to a mailing list and where you can tell to your readers to find all the resources quoted/curated into the app.

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It is a bit tricky to automate this but probably you can look at using Integromat and Mailchimp to do this.

First, create a template in MailChimp that is used as a base for Integromat to write data in.

Then in your Sheet, structure the data so that let’s every Monday at 7am, an Integromat scenario will be run to fill the template and send out an email to your users.


i am creating this via amazon SES.
A script that allows you to send newsletters / SMS from Glide


You can create a zapier with MailChimp like @ThinhDinh says, when a user creates a profile add customer to your data base, then create a post with a zapier that creates a campaign. You’d have to then go to MailChimp to make the email look pretty


Super interested ! Happy to learn more about your script in DM if it’s ok for you

Oh yes :+1:

I had the same need so I did exactly as described by @PabloMFalero.

But quickly realized all the limitations of this setup:

  • It’s very hard to create a campaign and send it automatically with non-paid plans on Zapier
  • Managing subscriptions is very challenging, especially if you want your users to be able to toggle their subscriptions from your app (an unsubcribe link - managed by Mailchimp - HAS to be present in every email sent, which fucks up everything / requires so many zaps to sync both lists)

Then I discovered a much better combination with Integromat and Mailjet:

  • Users can subscribe / unsubscribe from my app, subscriptions are only managed by the Users’ sheet (true / false + last subscribed at timestamp)
  • Every week at fixed hour, Integromat wakes up, looks at the new content and the list of subscribers from my spreadsheets, generates a newsletter and sends it automatically. For this I use the built-in email feature by Integromat and some SMTP credentials from Mailjet.

It’s not perfect and still has limitations* but it’s working pretty well, automatically and for free!
Thank you @V88 for pointing up this great solution right here.

*Can you think about a way to generate a unique 1-click unsubscribe link to be added within each email, so I don’t force users to sign-in to unsubscribe?


Sorry! :worried: I actually never tried it myself, so good to know that it’s not a good solution!!!:grinning:

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Then I’m very sorry as well, my point wasn’t to blame you since it’s very natural to think about this setup. It was a no brainer to me as well initially. Just wanted to share my experience at doing it and thought the described solution could be of interest for some people. Cheers mate!


Absolutely, and I thank you for this!:grinning::pray:

Super intéressant !! J’ai commencer à créer dans Integromat. Est-ce que je peux te contacter pour avoir un peu plus d’infos ? Merci par avance :hugs:

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Awesome ! Thx so much I will try this now

Yes no pb :wink:

Feel free to reach out guys @Julien_B @Alexandre_Durand-Cha


Hi all,
how to add mail chimp newsletter to glide app