Introducing Apps for Work

Today, we’re releasing a suite of professional templates specially designed to be used by businesses—we call them “apps for work.”

With these templates, you will be able to create delivery, field sales, inventory, property management, and CRM apps in minutes without writing a line of code. You can customize them, add features, manage access, and invite your team to collaborate!

Try a private app for work for free at


This is really awesome. Thank you Glide team. Keep the greatwork.


When the apps you developed over the last couple years all of a sudden become part of the platform you used to develop them on…

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Based on my experience I’m seeing a huge request for sort of « intranet » apps, my company is using one of them. It’s mainly used as a sort of Facebook or Instagram internal app. These are becoming hugely popular.

I’d give it a try to reproduce it on glide, I’m sure that it could be a good addition in the current apps for work :slight_smile:

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@sebastiansolari great job on design and marketing you guys are using in the social media!

Specially on instagram I saw yerterday feed & stories content, awesome work :star_struck:

That’s what I’m talking about!


Hello everyone, I have a problem with Glide website.
When I click on “Copy app for free”, all the time with different apps, glide not working.
Continue loading.


Could this be the answer you are looking for I wonder?

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Thank you!! Stay tuned to our social media; more cool stuff is coming in the next few days! :eyes:


For sure I am :eyes: