Installing Glide on iPhone 14

Hi Gliders,

I have 2 users who are struggling to install Glide apps on their iPhone 14. It seems the steps to follow are different for this version of the iPhone.

I use Android - so am unable to replicate the issue.

Is anyone else aware of the issue - or whether there is a more uptodate video on installing it?

Thanks in advance,


Depending on how the App was launched, it’s possible that it might be open in a pseudo-browser. I’ve seen this happen with iPhone 14, and in particular if the App was launched by tapping a link in an email. The way to tell is to check if there is a “Done” button at the top left. If that button is present, then you’re in a pseudo-browser and it won’t be possible to install the App from there. What you need to do is look at the bottom for an icon that looks like a compass, and tap on that. That will open the App in a “real” browser window, and from there you’ll be able to add it to the home screen using the Share button.

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Thanks Darren,

You are a star! I am assuming the app with a compass is Safari.


Yes, I’m assuming they would have chosen Safari if prompted which browser to use. Here is how it looks:

Please let us know if this resolves the problem for your users.

Thanks Darren,

I am seeing them Wednesday - so will let you know.


Hi Darren,

I can confirm that this solved the problem perfectly. It would be helpful if Glide updating their app installation video - as it seems many iphone 14 users are experiencing this issue. Russ

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That video is quite old, so I’m sure it’s somewhere on @JackVaughan’s very long list of videos to update :slight_smile:

Yep - and I understand with Glide being in ‘grow mode’ at present there’s always a dilemma on whether you just go, go, go - or whether you stop to fix things along the way.

A new users ability to install the app on their phone is critical to their first impression of Glide. It doesn’t matter how amazing the app is if you can’t install it.

Hope I am pleasding my case here @JackVaughan for this to move up your list… :slight_smile: Russ