Inserting custom graphic from Google Sheet into Website


Here is my Google Sheet: Copy of Copy of NHLe of Forwards in 2023 Draft - Google Sheets

I have created a custom graphic with a dropdown menu (D4) and the graphic changes each time you select something new in the dropdown menu. I want to insert the graphic as an image into my website. Is there anyway I can do this?

Yeah, all of the formulas you have in that spreadsheet could quite easily be replaced with Glide computed columns.

So taking your Player Card sheet as an example:

  • C4: This could be a choice component using your BirthInformation sheet as the source, and writing to a user specific column.
  • D5: Use the selected player to create a single relation to the BirthInformation sheet, and then a lookup to fetch the team name
  • D6: Same as D5
  • D7: Same as D5
  • D9: Another relation, this time to “Sheet 10”, then a lookup to fetch the NHLe value
  • D11: An if-then-else column
  • G4 (the image): Create a relation that matches the team name (D6) with the team name on “Sheet 6”, then a lookup to fetch the image
  • etc…
  • etc…