Displaying Image from within Google Sheets

Is there anyway if you have a image that is within google sheets you can display it on the glide page/app ? i have a image that changes based on a cell value and i need it to be displayed in glide

Only if it’s a URL that links to a location that’s public.

You’d be much better off adding your images directly to Glide, and then use data editor logic to switch images.

Ok well what I’m doing is displaying a image of a campground layout and if the spot it taken it would be red on that spot and green if it is a Available I don’t know if I will be able to do that within glide … it’s a big image with 70 differnt spots that can change color based on availability

I’m curious how this image works. Is it one image that shows all the spots at once? I’m assuming with 70 spots, the possible combinations are massive. I’d just like to learn more about how the image is formed.

hmm, this sounds like a job for Cloudinary.

And actually, it wouldn’t be that difficult. You’d just need to map out all the campsite XY coordinates on the image, store those in the locations table, use an if-then-else column to select the appropriate coloured dot, and then build a dynamic URL with a combination of template + joined list.

@Chris_Heck - if you’re interested in exploring this option, let me know. I’ve done something very similar to this in the past. The advantage of this sort of approach is that the image you display in Glide will be fully dynamic and will update almost instantly. (You could even apply dynamic filtering to the image - eg. “Show me only available spots”, or “Show me available spots with a rating of 4 or better”, etc…)