Insert blank lines in the google sheet when submitting the form

Hello, I have a form on my application and when I submit it it fills a google sheet and I just saw that between 2 forms that I submitted about 400 empty lines are created but that in the google sheet, on glide the empty lines do not appear (this is not from today but I just noticed) knowing that I can submit the form if I have all the fields filled, would you have any idea what happened?

Are you using any arrayformulas in that sheet?

No I don’t have arrayformulas

I used to have this too.
I deleted all the empty lines in the sheet and it fixed it.
Hope this helps

Since I don’t know how it happened I’m afraid that if I fix it it will come back in the future, do you know how you got it?

I think it happened when I started deleting rows directly from the Glide data editor and at the same time from the sheet.
I’m not sure.
But its been more than 6 months and it did not come back.
I just make sure the in every sheet the last row has data and I have no empty row in between.

Okay thank you very much to you, I will do that and see if it comes back.

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