Inlist Bug

I have a bug when viewing my app on the phone.
I had set filters, even sort by.
Everytime I set those fields, my app data doesn’t appear.
by if none is set, they appear.

Can you provide an screenshot of the data table and a screenshot of the Options tab where you are setting the sort and filter?

Thanks for the reply @Cisco_Muratalla.
Here are the screenshots

At GlideApp editor:
No filter: (editor)

I had a similar thing happen with one of my apps this morning. In the device preview my app is empty but on my iOS device it has the desired values. Appears the opposite of what you are seeing. I searched for other like bugs/issues and solutions but did not find one.

Anyone else seeing this? Thanks in advance!

I do not see the text on desktop using Safari, but I do see it in Chrome. What browser are you using on your phone?

Hi there @Cisco_Muratalla I use chrome on my phone
I didn’t tried with different browser