Inline Lists shows data from a column that is not connected to it

Hello! Glide connoisseurs, please tell me what the problem is: I have two Inline Lists, one is located on one tab, the other on another tab, each of them is connected to different columns. The first Inline List is connected to column 101 (text) and column 106 (boolean). When creating the second Inline List, I copied the first Inline List, pasted it in another tab, and connected other columns to it: 134 (text) and 137 (boolean). Amazing things happen with the Inline List that is connected to columns 134 and 137, namely: when the Show “See all” for more then “option is disabled, everything is fine - the Inline List shows the text from column 134. But when I enable the Show option” See all “for more then” with any value (for example - 3), then the first visible 3 values ​​are displayed correctly from column 134, and when I click “See all”, records from column 101 are opened, which is linked to another Inline List. I even tried to create a third Inline List, connected other columns to it, but when using the Show “See all” for more then "option, the data from column number 101 was still displayed. Maybe someone faced such a problem and could it be related to the new copy items function?

i don’t think anybody will understand your description of the problem…
anyway… today I do experience weird behavior of inline lists when based on USC… there is some hidden bug that I cant point yet

Thanks. Please let us know if you find the reason

Do you see the same behaviour in the published app, or is it only in the builder?
What happens if you exit the builder to your Glide dashboard, then open the app again?

I think this has been a problem for a while. I’ve seen other posts where users had multiple inline lists on the screen, and the layout of the See All view was the same for all lists even though they tried to make them different for each list. I guess I hadn’t noticed it with lists on separate tabs. I think the See All screen has some weird behaviors sometimes.

I believe it is the same for separate tabs, you only have one “See All” layout for a table.

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hmm, I think this might also be the same for list relations. I’ve been using list relations a lot, and bumping into this problem without realising what is happening.


Yes, I tried all this, and exited the application, and looked at the published application, the data of the same column is still displayed. Now I deleted the column, which was duplicated everywhere, logged out altogether, logged in again. Now another problem, in the created Inline list, the “show all” function opens empty lines, that is, nothing is visible. If you do not use this function, then everything is fine.

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