Inline list only showing one card

Hi, forgive me … I’m still a newbie. I bought this template Match Users + Subscription app template • Glide a while back and giving it a second shot.

In my Discovery tab, I have an inline list (Source Values: Profiles), but it’s only showing one card … despite my Profiles tab in Google Sheets having over 10 entries/rows.

Any tips on where to start trouble shooting this?


Have you checked if the user’s sheet has row owners? or a filter? If so, it will only show the sign in user or whatever filter it has

Have you tried swiping? Looks like there is another card to the right, so it must be showing multiple list items (cards) in a horizontal format.

You can always change the style of the inline list and the settings to your liking.

@PabloMFalero and @Jeff_Hager thank you both for chiming in!

Both your comments were helpful. I was not aware I had to swipe – I feel old lol :slight_smile:

Also, I was not aware exactly how the choice filter worked. There were some unnecessary conditions in there that were preventing a bunch of the people from showing, so I removed them.

Thank you both for your help!

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