How to show unique result in inline list

how to setting “only show 1” result when the inline list have 2 or more in same result ?

example: when the inline list have 3 username as John, but only show 1 John instead of 3 John.

You could group them based on “Name” and limit the visible items to 1. The others will be visible if you click on “See more”

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In the Glide Data Editor, relate this list of entries to the user profile sheet via the username. Then, show the relation column in the inline list rather that the list of entries.

question is … are they same John or deferent ?

But my case a bit complicated.

let say, i have 2 merchant, and 2 customers.

Merchant 1= McDonalds
Merchant 2= Starbucks
Customer 1= John
Customer 2= Bob

i want to do that, John profile has show both merchant in his list (McD & Starbucks), because john has been spending at both store. and Bob profile only show Starbucks, because Bob only been spending at Starbucks.

my current situation is, John has spending 3 times at McD , 1 time at Starbucks. my inline list show 4 transaction records, actually i just want to show each merchant for each as John total spending X$ at Mcd & total spending X$ at Starbucks.

reverse relation, relate merchant to John instead John to merchant, and create IF ELSE column to check if relation is not empty, you will get indicator for merchants where John spend money, You can see that in action in my App
put in cart items from deferent vendors… and you will see how App separate and calculate them

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Thanks Uzo. let me try to set that