Inline List and editing an entry

Hi there.
I have an inline list and I want to click on one of the entries and go to a page that I can see the data from that row. Even using a basic table that I can edit if I need to.
I can’t do Independent screen as I want to see the same data on every page.

But when I click on one of them (not using ISC) the exact same page opens up and is a never ending loop. If I do ISC then I’d have to do that for every line.

My Spreadsheet consists of clients and this client is listed on 3 rows in this case one for each year and the info about that year.

Maybe i have set each client up wrong as I want to see a “summary” and then click to specific instances.

I left Glide for a bit and came back and there are lots of new bells and whistles and I got overwhelmed.

Use ‘Show New Screen’ instead of ‘Show Detail Screen’.


Thank you! @Jeff_Hager .

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