Entry page for changing data

You will notice from the number of questions that I am a newbie to GLIDE.

I would like to have a page that allows me to change “A ingredient” and “123 how much”. I tried but I have to make a new (but equal) page for each ingredient. There must be a better and faster way.

Each of your ingredients is on its own row, the native way is to set the inline list action to “Show edit screen” and edit each ingredient there.

Or, do you have an idea about how you can mass update those?

No, but if I want to edit an “ingredient” I have to take an action. I then program this (as in the picture above for “Gebroken lijnzaad”). If I want to change another “ingredient” (for example “rozijnen”) I have to enter the same program again. What I really want is ONE program that can change all the ingredients separately.

This is a picture of the above problem.

Do you have independent screen configuration turned on for your inline list?

Jef I found it and it changes to “show edit screen”. Now it works the way I want.
Thanks for the tip.

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