ISC usage (and figured out why ISC option disappears)


I created a menu table to use with ISC as a ‘Menu Tab’ for users to create various items (tasks, etc). Then went into show detail screen, set ISC and got the new screen with the only data option as ‘this item’ which is nothing but the menu image and other menu items.

Is there any way to pass a sheet/table other than “this item” into an Independent Screen Configuration.

BTW…if you change from Show Detail Screen to Show New Screen and back to Show Detail Screen (as I did trying to find a way to get my data accessible) the ISC options goes away and I have had to recreate this Tab 3 times now. ISC is very finicky especially if you are new to Glide or the feature.

You’d be better off using a custom action with a different path for each list item to separate Show New Screen actions. ISC will give you the option to independently design the details screen for each list item, but they will all still point to the same source table as your list. ISC is still a Show Details action, but with detail layouts that aren’t inherently attached to the table like they normally would if you didn’t use ISC.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager I was at my boiling point with Glide (especially the vanishing ISC) after wasting another hour on this and was looking at Adalo again ( and which my trial had expired :frowning: ). Thanks for pointing this out I have used this technique before and will try it again.

ISC appears nearly worthless in real-life usage.

In all fairness, ISC was an option long before custom actions. I’ve never had a particular use for it, but it solved a common problem many people had back then.

ISC probably remains as more of a way to support old apps that still use it.

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Didn’t work cause I still can’t access the Tab Source data when I am in an in-line list action sequence that starts with an Action Menu. Looks like I have to get rid of the Action Menu (which looks very good).

I can create a button and get the results I want (calling Show New Screen using the Tab source data and a relationship within this table.

But buttons look like crap and I can not get the look/feel of the inline list without being handcuffed with the inline list source data versus the Tab source data. Unless their is another way to create this look.

Of course, this is Glide so I am probably missing something obvious.

@Jeff_Hager I was using floating buttons to create “things” based on the context (if you were looking at your list of meetings it would create a meeting; if events - an event; tasks - then tasks, etc).

I wanted to consolidate all the ‘create’ things from the floating buttons to a single page based on feedback from friends. Having all the ‘creation’ in one place seemed more intuitive to everyone but me :slight_smile:

Using pretty inline lists seems like the way to go so I built them up and went to ‘attach’ the create screens I had already built. That’s when I realized I do not have access to the Tab data source within the in line lists.

I tried to emulate the look/feel of the TILE style with existing Glide components to no avail so for now I will use buttons instead of the more visually attractive style and, of course, replicate the logic for the buttons to work.

Thanks for all the insights throughout this process. It seems for every two steps forward it is one step back working within the Glide framework.


What kind of information is contained in the Tab source table that you need to determine which new screen to show from the inline list menu? I understand what you are saying regarding, the tab source not being available for actions executed from the inline list, but I’m not following what you would need from the tab source. When you click on an inline list item, it is true that actions use values from that inline list item, but if you are just using it as a menu to open new screens, then the inline list source table should be pretty dumb and only contain enough information to direct you along the correct path in a custom action. I guess I’m assuming that you just want to conditionally open different screens which are sourced from different tables.

I think I would need to see more to better understand what you are trying to do.

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