Independ screen per item

I’m trying to list a number of images using inlist and then each image goes to a different tab. I thought I had the solution when I found “independent screen flag” but it doesn’t seem to let me configure Go To Tab action, it only opens up a new page which I assume is internally linked. Hence I would need to recreate all my tab flows inside of that which I don’t want to do.

The only solution I came up with is to not use the independent screen (which is actually pretty cool) but to setup custom action and then have a string of “if then” conditions and go the appropriate tab. Am I missing something, is there a different solution I should consider ?

“Label” your images in the Sheet that contains your images, then construct the flow so as to let’s say if label is “Tab A” then go to tab A, if label is “Tab B” then go to tab B.

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Thanks Thinh

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Let me know if it works for you. There maybe a few other workarounds.

Yes it works fine, so another solution into my tool box :slight_smile:

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