Click on a photo, jump to a TAB

I’m new to glides. I’ve been looking for days now for a way to jump from a click on a photo to a tab. I still can’t do it.

Use action: go to the tab

But if I klick on the first photo there is anaother TAB then on the second phote. All the photo’s are made in one spreadsheet.

There is then only one TAB is accessible.

these are images or tiles? if tiles then you have to do custom action for each tile… add a column with row numbers and do if-else action… if row number is 1 then go to tab Onbijt… if 2 go to tab Lunch…

Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 1.54.56 PM

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Thank you UZO.
This was the solution. I’m a lot further. No doubt there will be more questions. I will then use this community again.

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you can mark my answer as a solution, for others to know… and change the topic to “help how to”