Increment and data

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with increment and formula data.
I can’t make an increment with a formula data. Glide doesn’t show the possibility for a few days ago.
The formula doesn’t appear in the drop-down menu “Increment by”.
On older GLIDE, it shows a dash instead of the formula column math.
Do you have the same problem?
Thanks a lot,
(French Glider)

Hi Laurent, can you elaborate what do you mean by “formula data”? Can we have some screenshots of this problem so we can help? Thank you.

Hi @ThinhDinh

Here the screenshots

I create a date formula for a reset value but i can’t use it with a button. I don’t have the choice and i don’t understand because i already make Apps with this option.
And now, it doesn’t work. :thinking:

As far as I know you can only do increment action on number columns. What is your logic behind using a date column here for your purpose so we can brainstorm about a workaround?

Thanks for your com’
I have already use data columns for increment. I know it works. But, now, we can’t to do this.
I use this function for all delete for exemple with a reset value.
For me, we have a solution. We use the sheet with formula math.
You can see the screenshot, we can’ use a data formula. Now i see a dash ans not the data formula.

Hi @Mark
Do you have a solution to increment with data formula?
Thanks a lot for your answer,

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the problem.

You’re trying to use a “data formula” for the Increment value? What is a data formula? Could you share a video of what you’re trying to do?

Thanks @Mark,

I want to create un reset button. For this, i create a formula in the data.
And, when i try to use the formula with the button, it’s not possible. I don’t have the possibility to use the formula.
It’s wired because i have already use this option in apps. And now, i can’t to do this.


It seems like Glide lets you pick that column. What happens when you pick it? Could you make a video, please?

This is an app :
I have an hyphen now

@Mark did y’all change which Increment by column we can pick up?

Because I cant pick a tamplate, math, or even a If then else column any more.

To do this Menu Accordion I had used a if then else column to “reset” the increment. But it deactivate.

Take a look, my buttons are gone:


Can’t find my If Then Else columns

In this other app, i did some tests and… nothing

Shouldn’t that be the logic to go with this Lucas? I think columns that are linked with other previously created columns like template, math or if > then > else should not be affected by the Increment button, or else the link between them and the original column will be broken.

Ok but, once we could… I can’t use anymore to do my Menu or something like reset button as @Laurent_Maleville was trying

I understand now. We’ll fix this. Thank you!

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Thanks a lot @Mark
See you!
Laurent (French Glider)

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And for information, i have the same problem with the Progress bar when i want to create a dynamic progress bar with the roll up formula.
I don’t have the possibility to use the formula in the scroll down,
Thank you again! :slight_smile:

@Laurent_Maleville Could you give me more information about not being able to use a Roll-up in a Progress Bar? I just tried it and it works fine.