Incorrect row count suggests I need an upgrade

My “Upgrade meter” is showing that I’m using over 4,000 rows, but I can’t figure out the math. I have added up all the rows and this count is 1,500 rows high.

I have added the number of rows from all sheets (visible and invisible in the tabs pane). I have checked for rogue ARRAYFORMULAS creating blank rows (there are none). I have deleted blank rows from my sheets just in case (the count is unaffected after a refresh). I have double-counted rows from tabs that show different views of the same sheet, even though those rows shouldn’t count twice against my allotment.

I have no idea how it is counting rows. Can anyone provide any insight?


I would suggest going through the tabs of your app that you think are not connected and use the ‘find all uses’ feature column by column.

It’s probably something simple that is connecting tabs together that shouldn’t be there.

Find all uses is your best friend.


FYI blank rows created by arrayformulas do not add rows to your count… but it does count towards your 5 Million cell allotment in GSheet :man_shrugging:

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That’s cool! I never even knew about that! Thank you! This will take a while as I have a lot of sheets! :smiley:

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As Eric has said, what’s probably happening here is you have a Sheet that you do not use as a source sheet for a tab in your app, but you somehow connect it to the app through a relation, a form or a rollup that it’s not straightforward to see when you count them manually. Let us know how it goes.

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Ah! I found it using “Find all Uses…”! It seems that I updated the source for a tab, but a screen in a detail view in that tab was referencing the original source, so the counts for that sheet were doubled.

Thank you so much!


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