BUG with rows count

Hi Team,

I have a bug in the row count of an app, saw this in other apps as well.

the row counter inside the editor show a row count of 1329 rows when actually i have on the GS only 451 rows including everything but loggin tab (which glide is nor counting and in any case has only 2 rows).

in the app I also have 2 glide tables (1 with 16 rows and the 2nd with 32 rows) with total of 48 rows/

My total row count should be just about 500 rows while glide is showing almost 3 times this number.

It is my believe that the 2 glide tables which I played with a lot and deleted and created rows is counting wrongly.

I sent also to support an email with the support link but wondering if anyone else saw this behavior

appreciates the help with fixing this.



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Same here. Is the app duplicate from other?

Few times already

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Do you have any array formulas, if so they go to bottom of sheet and they count as rows. If you do have them just delete the excess rows until you actually need them and let glide add them as needed.

I guess u t was some kind og bug as I already did all those things. I came to record a gif for you to see and while recording you can see the app show 1329 rows and hten after about 30 sec it updates to a different row count while I didnt do anything.

I think it’s related to the glide table deletion issue which maybe still don’t fully work.

BUG in row count

edit: for some reason I can’t upload gif file anymore to the forum so I cant show you the clip.It show as if the file is uploading and then just don’t shown in the reply itself afetr sending. wierd.

BUG in row count

Ahhh…good ole trusty, reliable glide…

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