Big table still show rows in counter but not in table

I’ve deleted all rows in big table via function Delete All Rows. Yet the counter still shows 725 rows. I’ve refreshed the page several times and deleted and added rows several times, yet not difference.

Could this come from the fact that I delete all rows and add 10.000 new ones from another system every day?

Have you tried clearing your cache? Is it only a problem here or does it show in your Usage page as well?

I tried a totally different pc that i never opened this app on, and also gives the exact same problem. I can’t clearly see it in usage, because the tables are used in a few other apps

So the rows itself do not show at all, only numbers of rows showing on your table view?

the rows also show. The rows are the right amount in table, just not in the counter, wheter i have rows, or delete them all. It always says 725 rows as a base and adds that number to every row i actually have in. This doesn’t hinder the functionality of the glide app, but is something that I think would be helpfull to fix

Guess it’s worth submitting a ticket.