In Staging: Group items in an inline list by category!

…let’s discuss :wink:


Thank God for this, we don’t have to create multiple lists for each category any more.


The only difference from Filter is bringing the Title of the group together?


Would be fantastic to summarize by specific columns. “Query Group by” Google sheets style

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@Gerard_Fernandez Could you elaborate, please?

:star_struck: Beautiful!


The new feature is wondeful. Thanks.:crazy_face: Will save a lot of work.

Now live, get grouping! 🆕 Grouping

Just showing one row per category totalizing specific fields. Like “Query group by” works I’m Google sheets

I have a list with product invoices per day and would like to have a list with :
Day…Product Code… Total units sold in Day

Ah, I see! That’s grouping with rollups inside each group. We’ll get there.

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I have posted an issue at “Grouping Announcements” , but I guess here is the best place, considering the “In Staging” subject.

When I use a horizontal Inline List I can´t slide the tiles (or cards) when I am using the Builder or accessing the app via URL in a computer.

When I do a slide the tiles don´t move, but the tiles in the last group do, as I was sliding the last one. i.e the last one is the only group that slide.

Using at smartphones this situation doesn´t occur and I can slide normally all groups.

And, when I return the settings (without grouping), I can slide normally when I´m using the Builder.

No doubt. Thanks!!