Grouping items

I have a sheet with column A, B and C.
In column A, I have 2 types of cells : Category 1 and Category 2.
In colum B and C I have other types of informations.
I have approx. 100 rows.
I would like to “group” on glide app the list in “Category 1” or “Category 2” and not having the whole list on the approx. rows.
How can I do this ?

All you need to do is go to the Tabs section, create a new Tab by selecting the Plus sign in the upper right. Name it Category 1 and point it to your sheet. Then select the Layout section, click on that new tab and go to Features/Filter. Your filter will be “is” “Category 1”. That’s it. You can do the same for Cat 2, or just add a filter the the default Tab for that sheet.

Thank you for getting back to me.
I am sorry but it doesn’t make what I need.
I repeat in other words:
On my google sheet, I have a single sheet named “Test”.
In this sheet I have approx. 100 rows in 3 columns : A, B, C.
In column A, I have differents celles named either Category 1 or Category 2.
On glide now:
How do I show for Tab “Test” not a list of 100 items but a list of 2 items named Category 1 or Category 2. And then upon clicking on Category 1 or Category 2 I see the related items classified?

So, it’s a basic inline list…

@ledafyomi Here you go. Make a copy of it and explore.

Hey @ledafyomi sounds like you’re needing multiple relations - have you watched these tutorials?

Thank you so much for your kind help.
It helped me a lot and it work now !


_B how did you achieve the creation of this column (in yellow) ?

He added right there on the upper right corner

Yes as @Secura_4x4 says. On that Data screen in the upper right is a + (plus sign). That is where you can add columns. I this case I added a Relations column.

OK got it.
Thanks @George_Band @Secura_4x4

Again @George_B :
I added a component “Separator” in the layout of one tab (Home).
Why does this component automatically added in the the layout of the other tab (Test) ?
How to avoid this ?

That would only happen if both tab’s were pointing to the same sheet. Otherwise it shouldn’t happen. It doesn’t happen in the test I just tried.

OK thank you @George_B for your kind help.