Is there currently any way to group lists by a particular field?

Yes two ways.

  1. In the sheets by use a filter or query function on a separate sheet to pull in only the rows you want.
  2. Create Tabs in Glide and then in Features create a filter on that column value
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You could also create multiple Inline Lists or List Relation components that point to the same sheet, and apply filtering within the builder to each list. The filter would be the category you want to group by.

Hmm…thanks for this. But no way to see a dynamic list of all the group headers w/ the corresponding items below all on one screen?

No but I humbly suggest that that is not the “mobile” device way of doing things. From a usability point of view drilling down from categories to details is the tried and true way to present things, especially when working with very little screen real estate. Sure if you are looking at a 25 or 32 inch monitor, having the entire list can be nice but not on a mobile phone.

I see what you mean. What about dynamic filtering? Is it possible to use a slide toggle to filter an inline list?

@Jeff_Hager I was able to do what you suggest, but it seems I then run into problems if I want to drill into a detail view for each item, as it takes me into an infinite loop. I suppose this is because the original view with the inline lists is already a detail view, though I’m not sure. Are you aware of this issue or any workaround?

Create a new placeholder sheet. Just needs one heading. Doesn’t matter what it is. That will be your tab. On there you can place your lists. Since you modified the detail layout for the existing sheet, you will probably have to reconfigure that layout.

Check out the Dynamic List Filter in . That example relies on a detail page using per user data that would have to be unique for each user, but it could be possible depending on your situation.