Grouping within an inline list

Hi everyone. Im trying to group the result of my inline list within items belonging to the same group.
for example:

the items under ‘maquinarias’ should all be grouped so that when i click on it, only then do i have the complete list of items appear.
Thank you for your help greatly appreciate it.

Review the below, it should get you on the right path.

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I do not understand this tutorial. Is there a video or step by step i could better understand. thank you

  1. Create a new sheet of your groups (eg. maquinarias). You can do this manually or if your app is using Google sheets, you can use an unique formula to autopopulate this list.
  2. Within this new sheet, create a multiple relation that matches the group name to the inline list item
  3. In your app, point your inline list to the unique list of groups.
  4. On the details screen of the group, create a new inline list that points to the relation you created in step 2.

thank you, nearly worked out but i probably didnt mention the following:
first i select a week number > then i see the result according to that week number. adding image:

once a week is selected new screen should show my my categories:

and with the current set up i tried it doesnt take into consideration the week number. so all the weeks report the same information.

Yes…that matters. Does the week number impact what groups (eg. “maquinarias”) are displayed, or the details of those groups (eg. charts, etc.) or both? For instance, if “maquinarias” doesn’t exist for week 39, should it show up in the list anyway, but then when clicking on it, displays no data or should it just not show up in the list at all?

sorry about my earlier post. it does impact both.
if ‘maquinarias’ is empty for another week (like 39) it doesnt need to show up. so yes it can display no data. thank you

Ok…so this is probably the most efficient way to handle this situation:


That delay with computed columns seems to be getting worse, eh?


Much. I have to go back and edit it twice for it to show up.


THis is an awesome video. I will try to adapt it to my project and let you know how this goes. thank you very much for this!

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somehow i get lost in translations somewhere. quite frustrating.

I think maybe my set up is inadequate.
As for my google sheet i have 2 sheets: category and operations.

on my glide:
on my week page, if i select the week i have all the operations happening for that week. as follows:

What im trying to do is to group on this page each activity. so instead of having a list show up, i would have a set of cards with ‘maquinaria’, ‘cacao tumba’ , etc… and then once i click on this button i have the details.

That’s a thing? I thought it was just me.

That’s indeed a thing. Been worse over the last week or two for me.

focus on the issue guys lol