In-app filter with dates shows dates in ugly format

Hello everyone,
I have an app where I use in-app filter with dates, but it shows dates in a very ugly way.

In data builder I have configures how to visualize dates, but it seems to me that this does not affect to in-app filter…

Is there a way to change that?

Thank you!

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Hm. Might need to convert the dates to pretty dates using =text() formula in sheets. Not ideal, but it will work.

I could have sworn somebody else reported this recently, but I can’t find a post. This is the closest thing I could find, so maybe this is what I was thinking of.

That’s a bug. We’ll fix it. Thank you so much for reporting!


Thank you!

I have discovered that this is the format in which glide saves the dates because if I insert a TextEntry component, it shows the same. In the image, both component refer to the same column.

Thank you!
Later Mark has reported that it is a bug.

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Thank you! Mark has reported that it is a bug, so I hope they will fix it.

I have experimented some problems with dates in Spanish format. If the app is just for my internal use, I don’t have problem using US format, but when I want Spanish people to work with that… I would prefer everything in Spanish format :grinning:

Thank you again!

Correct! I reported it a while back!

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So, the bug is not just because the Spanish date format…

Glad to help! Agreed that there are still a few areas within Glide that could benefit by more robust date/time features/displays (calendar without times, time picker, date calculations, etc.).

Yes, that is the point.

hey! having the same problem. could you tell in more detail how this works and if it solved the problem?


The same problem than I group data by date (russian date format)

@Yana_Petiet, @Tatyana_Fedotova Have you tried setting the the date format in the date column in the glide data editor?

Column formats in Grouping will be fixed soon.


Hi, Jeff! Yes, I set it as is on the screenshot - but it didn’t help

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I just had a similar case with ugly dates in the app (but not in the app builder).
Jeff’s “template-trick” helped.

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