IMPORTFEED Function is different for different RSS?

Hey guys,

I am noticing the IMPORTFEED function retrieves info different from Anchor RSS and others.
For example, the “Risa Con Sentido” episodes retrieves the image and link in different columns than other shows.

Anyone can help?

Here is the google sheet:

and Glide app:

Yeah I see that. I would think it would be standard.
Based on your app I don’t see it as being a problem as you are creating a tab for each feed. You have to design a view page for each one anyway.

Question for you. Why the app? Can’t anyone with a mobile device use the standard podcast apps that come with both iOS and Android? Is this for personal use and learning on your part or do you see some potential market for your app?

@Thomas_Dahm has a podcast and wrote a Glide app to host it. If he sees this post I wonder what his market is for his Glide app with his podcast. Is there a need for dedicated podcast feed apps? What is the advantage over someone just subscribing to one on one of the big guys apps that come free with all mobile phones?


  • the Neon Moiré Show app is a portfolio app for my own podcast. pure promotion.
  • the Ondesignfm app is a crowdsourced discovery app, for podcast on design. there are currently 700.000 podcasts available on apple podcast so finding a show on design without having the design in the title, is hard.

So I think a dedicated Spanish podcast app could work. But its all about the marketing, and Apple does not allow audio to play in the background when the screen is locked. So native would be better.

@Menajem_Benchimol all RSS feeds are slightly different. there is a lot of customization to do for every show you add.

Thanks for the info.
Here is an interesting way to get a Glide app to play an audio file in the background on an iPhone. I did test this by downloading the Dolphin browser and following the instructions in the article. I was able to work on other apps and go into screen lock on my iPhone, so it works at least with my Glide app. @Thomas_Dahm, give it a test yourself to see if it works for you.

Yes it does require some steps that a novice user may not be capable of. Also this browser does not have an “Add to Home screen” option so you have to run the Glide app inside the Dolphin browser for this to work. It won’t work in Safari or Chrome. Also the Dolphin browser doesn’t have great reviews on the iPhone and it crashed when I tried to open a second tab.

@Mark @Jason @david Apparently there is something about Dolphin that allows background audio to continue to play on iPhones. Maybe it’s worth a lunch break meeting with them to discuss why and see if it is something that could work for you??? They are in your neighborhood.
Mobotap, Inc.
665 3rd St #150
San Francisco, CA

EDIT: I just tried the same process with a Home Screen installed Glide app and it is now playing in screen lock mode on my iPhone. No Dolphin browser.

Hey @George_B,

this is the problem I am having image
When you press on the list of podcasts for “Risa Con Sentido” the default doesnt catch the image because when I joined all the podcasts together in one tab, its in another column.

As for why make this app?
To learn how to use Glide better and podcast discovery is very difficult unless you know the name of the actual podcast so I see an opportunity here.

Thank you!


I am still learning the ins and outs of Glide/Google sheets :slight_smile:
Thanks for the all the help @Thomas_Dahm!

Hey @George_B I have the Convi glide app downloaded on my home screen but when I exit it, the sound goes off.

Maybe is it because I don’t have the most recent version of the IoS?

Did you follow the instructions in the above link?

It doesnt work. Either it shows the name of the show on the widget and it wont play, or it dissapears from the widget.

Interesting. It was working for me. I’ll have to trace my steps and see if I can reproduce it reliably.

As for your other issue with that one sheet “Risa Con Sentido”, I would just use some copy functions to create another sheet that rearranges the columns in the correct order before you merge them.

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I think it depends if you have the app installed (added to homescreen) compared to being opened in the browser.

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Ill look into that thanks.
Do I have to create another tab for “Anchor RSS” and then merge them all on the tab with all episodes?