Audio stops playing when screen locks

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Hi team. Little bug.

  • audio stops playing when iPhone screen locks, starts playing when unlocking.
  • audio is loaded with =importxml.
  • please make the audio play in the background, as it does on Android.
  • the app is installed on the home screen
    Find hear the first mention: Podcast discovery app!

Note: Audio doesn’t start playing when tapping on Airpods! But maybe that’s a feature :wink:


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Thank you for documenting the issue.

For reference:
I’ve noticed that the audio seems to auto pause after you add the glide app to your home screen. It will play for about 30 seconds and then the audio stops. My phone auto locks as if it is not in use. Once I open the app again the audio starts again.

When the app is in the browser it works great! It plays continually even if I lock my screen.

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Apple is really starting to annoy me. I don’t have an iPhone but a MacBook. The latest iOS broke a few of my apps as a result of “higher security”. I understand the need but they sure need to do a better job of letting developers know about these things so they aren’t playing catch-up games every time a new OS is deployed.

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This is a limitation imposed by Apple, and not something we can control unfortunately.

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Thanks for the clarification David.

This is a deal-breaker. I spent most of yesterday setting up my podcast player using GlideApps, then tried it out in the car today on my iPhone only to find that it stops playing in the manner described every 60 seconds when my screen auto locks.
This makes the app effectively useless for anyone using an iPhone!