Is there a way to import podcasts in Glide?

And then I don’t mean have your own audio and upload it so people can listen to it, but having a rss-feed and import a podcast in Glide.
A feed like this:

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Hola @erwblo

Have you tried an API in combination with Apipheny?


I’ll have a look!

You can just embed spotify code to webview.

Really? Haven’t tried! I have an app now where we use the Spotify API to get the rest of info, this would help!

Yes. You can.
You can embed a playlist, music, podcast everything.

Screenshot 2021-04-23 at 12.31.49 AM

Paste this code to webview.


Getting there, first sketch of an app, feeding this all the way from the Spotify API.

But I have help, don’t think that I understand API’s :wink:


Great app @erwblo,

Are you using the API or the webview?

We are using the API to get all info in Google Sheets. One of the columns is the embed-code columns. To make the embeds visible we use the webview component.

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Great job!