Building the ultimate crowdsourced sports podcasts app

Hi all,
It’s in Dutch, but to me it shows the strength of Glide again. We are building the ultimate crowdsourced app of Dutch sports podcasts and went from first rough idea to live in 3 days.
Most of the time had to be put in the foundation, the Spotify API. We collect all sorts of info (title, description, publisher, embed-code, etc) from Spotify. I was not involved in the API, that’s too technical for me :wink:
But once all the info goes from the API to the Google Sheet it’s easypeasy in Glide.
People add a Spotify Show URL, the script collects the info that goes with it and an ADMIN says yes or no to publishing via a seperate ADMIN app.
We already have 168 Dutch sports podcasts in the app!
You always see the latest episodes of all apps and you can sort in various ways of course.
Keep on loving Glide.


Very very cool - great work :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Great app… :+1:

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Hey, the link no longer works. Do you have an updated one? I’d be really interested to see it! Thanks