Podcast discovery app!

Dear Community,
I would like to share with you the design podcast discovery app. https://ondesignfm.glideapp.io I have built, with the help of this amazing community. I build it as a test for another project I’m working on. But also because there are so many interesting podcasts on design, design thinking, and creativity with are hard to discover in the 6 major podcast apps.
it’s still in WIP mode because there are still some automation things I like to solve. Like, automatically update the listing based upon new releases. Add a switch instead of dropdown for Patreon podcasts.

Please let me know what you think. And if you have suggestions for shows please feel free to submit them! Thank you.


Hey Thomas,
Love the design of the app!

Concerning the Patreon podcasts, how do you filter the list based on the choice the user makes in the dropdown?

its a combination of using a lookup tab, with a filter formula, using if statements.

Great job! You have a good selection of design podcasts. I like the filter you created too!

I’ve noticed that the audio seems to auto pause after you add the glide app to your home screen. It will play for about 30 seconds and then the audio stops. My phone auto locks as if it is not in use. Once I open the app again the audio starts again.

When the app is in the browser it works great! It plays continually even if I lock my screen. Do experience the same thing?

Audio works for me on an “installed” app after locking my phone. Android here.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I have the same, using iphone. Looks like a bug.

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@John I made a bug report. Thanks again. Audio stops playing when screen locks

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@Thomas_Dahm would you be willing to share your google sheet so that I can see how you made this?

What would you like to learn from watching the sheet?