Using Glide API to create Podcast RSS within app

Greetings, I desire to add my podcast updates to a page on my app. I would like it to update automatically in my app each time a new episode is published.

I am VERY new to understanding APIs, however, in my research, I realized that most community assistance regarding adding podcasts to apps was prior to the Feb 22 update that introduced Glide API. Additionally, I did not fully follow the commentary well regarding how people were adding/updating their podcasts to the app from a couple of years ago.

I have viewed both Robert’s and Darren’s videos regarding Glide API and understand the general context. However, I would specifically like to know if this update also allows the connection of podcasts to a Glide app where it can be updated automatically. Or are their specific podcast platforms that may function in Glide more effectively than others?

Any insights and clarity anyone can provide will be appreciated.

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I think the easiest option is with MAke or Zapier set up an automation that watches updates on your RSS feed. When there’s a new item in your RSS feed, create a new row in the GSheet, acting as a backend of your app.

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Okay… I like Make. I was wondering if Glide API would offer more simplicity… and I am still figuring out how to connect different apps with Make.

May I ask how you would suggest that I set the trigger for the Podcast since Anchor does not show up as one of the app options?

So I am thinking that I need to allow the trigger to be an RSS trigger. Now, I am deciding how to do this… I see the trigger and I see an action. Let me try to see if I can figure it out…

In this case I’m feeding new episodes of my podcast to our webflow website, but you’d have to feed either a glide table or your gsheet:
Integration RSS, Webflow Integromat 2022-04-18 at 6.59.26 PM

The RSS module looks like this:
Integration RSS, Webflow Integromat 2022-04-18 at 6.59.56 PM


Basically do the same thing as this, but add a HTTP module to write to your Glide Table or a Sheet module to add a row to your Google Sheet.


If you’re looking for super simple (not instant), maybe you could just use the importfeed formula in your Gsheet. Wouldn’t update immediately, but often enough I bet.


Thank you so much for all of the insights! They were all very helpful and helped me conceptualize the process much better.:pray:t5:I MADE IT WORK!:raised_hands:t5: