Use many RSS feeds to fill the news app


it’s been some time since I used Glide but want to restart my project to create a news app. News is based on external sources.

I want to pickup content from 200, perhaps 300 RSS feeds. I want to add them in news categories (for example local government, regional government, country government, political party A, B, news org , news org 2, etc.) in the app.

I have done this before with WordPress as the target for all the content but I know want to do make this information available through an App.

Is this possible? Or do I need a connecting service like Zapier?

Anyone an example of how this may look?


I remember doing something of the sort a year or so ago. If I’m not mistaken, we set up 1 tab per RSS feed, and then added them as inline lists to a “news” tab in Glide.

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We did this using some IMPORTFEED functions but I wouldn’t use this to scale. That function might be a lot buggy when you use it a lot in the same Sheet.