How to feed rss including image url

Hi Glide community !! I would like to feed my “Actuality tab” with a RSS flow
it’s ok with this formula xls sheet =IMPORTFEED(“”)
i have the column
Title | Autor | Link | Date | Content

but the page is not feeded with the image associated
i have to insert a column ‘image’ and copy/past the url of the image dedicated …

thanks for your help

I think the xml didn’t have image tag in the items. So that’s why you can’t directly fetch the image

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you can use a service like Zapier to automate this.

Thanks for your Answer Julien… it seems Zapier do the same things as =IMPORTFEED(“url/rss”) does …
i have 5 columns from the rss flow raw
Title | Autor | Link | Date | Content
i have created one more to put the image associated, but i must copy/past each one in the righ line …

i have currently found a solution, stocking images in another sheet and bring them bacl with a VLOOKUP by date (unique) but it is not the final solution, which need human rework … (still sopy/past each photo in the other sheet…)

need further explaination ? i am available glide community :slight_smile: thx a lot

I’m not familiar with RSS feeds, so sorry if this is a dumb question. Is there a related image to each RSS feed, and where does it come from? Is there some kind of link to it?

I noticed your site is in Wordpress, installs the plugin WP All Export, with it you choose the fields you want to export to CSV, then it will create a link, this link you use in google spreadsheets using the formula = IMPORTDATA ()

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you could possible extract the Xpath of the image and import it into a new column