Rss feed updating

When my rss feed for my podcast updates if shifts all my image links up. So I have copy and paste them down so the image will match the episode. Is it a way around this extra step?

What do you mean by “shifts all images links up”?

Are you updating it through IMPORTFEED?

On the sheets I have google drive link for each image for each episode. The rss feed automatically updated when I adding a new episode

How do you update the RSS feed to the Sheet? It’s not via an IMPORTFEED function?

Its thru the imported feed. When I upload a need podcast the sheet updates like 30 min later

If you can use this function:

Then it won’t break any of your images order.

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Has anyone been able to have images auto added to this function with RSS?

Admittedly I have to use an extra importxml for that.

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I’ve tried to use Zapier and the Importfeed function with no luck. Feel like walking me through how you accomplished this?


Hi Steven here’s the direct link.

I know in advance how many items I will have, so I just drag down the IMPORTXML.


is the part that takes all image URLs from the article links, array constrain keeps it to 1 URL only (as I only want the first one, the article’s main image).

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Thanks, I’ll see what I can do.

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Can you do anything with this RSS feed? It’s from my news aggregator Pocket, but I don’t get the images yet.*sso1564411706146c24/feed/all

Hi Steven, that feed contains a lot of different links so there’s no one-size fits all solution. I would have used an IMPORTXML and find the img src part but as I try it, many sites can’t work with the same logic.