Dowload existing data from my Website/YouTube onto Sheets

Hey Guys, the Rookie here again.

I am so happy because today I have created my 1 st RSS feed automation using Zapier.

Here is my issue:
I have my YouTube Channel here > I already created a serie of RSS feed to upload new videos onto my app (spreasheet).
However, I have a lot of existing videos that I would like to download as well but doing it manualy is tidious.
Does anyone have a trick to share? Like an API or something.

Please help :sob: :exploding_head:

Happy holidays Y’all.
Fanny from Paris

Have you tried importxml in google sheets and pull all the links into a column and use that column as your inline list?

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@Drearystate I have tried. it is the first time I hear about this Google Sheet functions. Do you mind telling me more ?

IMPORTXML allows us to gather data from websites, it does take a little tinkering with to get used to it, but theres a dozen videos on youtube as well as some documentation from google

Every website is different otherwise I would just give you the formula to do it instead of asking you to look into it more.