Images not showing in Chrome

My app’s URL:

Bizarrely the app displays normally in Edge but doesn’t display any images in Google Chrome. I’ve also had two users say it loads fine the first time on an iPhone and installs as an app, but after that it’s just blank.
Any suggestions?

Hi Simon, may I ask where are you storing the images? Are you using Glide’s option, your Drive, or something else?

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Hi, they’re all stored in my Google Drive.

Hi @Simon_House

I’ll complete @ThinhDinh suggestion with a few others:

  • Have you tried uploading the images via the Glide builder?
  • Are you using the following image formats only: png, jpg, gif or svg?
  • Have you tried optimizing your images for size?

(Unlikely, but have you uploaded images and documents in excess of 100Mb in total (storage limit in free apps)? If so, I believe you should have received an error message.)

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Hi @nathanaelb

What do you mean to upload via the Glide builder? and will this work with all screen layouts eg I am using images on cards and compact layouts?
I’m only using jpg and png, but no I haven’t optimised them so I’ll do that, but it seems strange that it works fine very time on Edge but not on Chrome - ort apparently iPhones!

When you are in the “Layout” section in Glide, whether you are in list view or on an list item, where there is an image placeholder, you can drag and drop an image file.

I believe this work with lists view, the details view, within list items.

I’m sorry to hear that. I have no idea why. I’m just sharing things I would test were I encountering the same issue.

Let us know if you find a solution so we all learn what the issue was.

Are the drive images publicly shared?

I would also agree to upload instead through glide. I haven’t personally, but many people have had hit or miss issues with images stored in drive.