Images in Comments

I have been meaning to ask for a while… is there a way to replace the image defaults (letters) with user images in a Comments component?


For example, in the comments above, is Glide failing to retrieve an image and inserting the first letter of the user name instead? If so, how can I point Glide to the user’s image in the User Table?

Thanks in advance…

I think Glide should have matched the “image” in the user profiles table of the relevant email. If that’s not working as described then I would consider it a bug.


Ya…by default the comments component grabs the user’s gravatar of all things—I agree that it should instead display the user’s profile image. I’d submit a ticket.


My bad, most people’s user image was empty since I was using another column to have either an image or avatar link. I have set up a tripwire that sets the image column with the respective image and it works now… thank you all the same.

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