Comments Component help

Does anyone know how to change the image for the comments component?

You can’t. It is an ok but not a good component sadly :frowning:

Do you mean the small image that appears next to each comment?
That will be the profile image of the user that made the comment.
If they don’t have a profile image, then a placeholder is used - the first character of their user name.


There’s a default image there, it looks like an image of


I’ve never seen that, so I can’t explain it, sorry.
Somebody else might know.

Hmm, I was having issues this as well. Does this user have a user profile set up?


If the image isn’t selected for the user as per of the user profile, it defaults to the user’s gravatar


Yes, I was going to ask if an image was uploaded in the app for their profile.

For my app, I solved this by having the upload of an avatar required during the onboarding process so no other images or simply a letter isn’t displayed.